Posted by: adorsk | March 2, 2009

University of Washington Student Cruise

The Thompson left Lyttelton on March 2nd for the University of Washington’s student cruise.

The University of Washington has a fantastic undergraduate oceanography program.  One of its highlights is the class “Ocean 444”, a class in which students plan and conduct an entire research cruise.

The goal of this year’s Ocean 444 cruise was to study the Kermadec Arc, a line of underwater volcanoes North of New Zealand.

For this post I’m going to punt on doing on my rendition of the cruise because the students already created a great blog that covers everything:

It’s got the science of undersea volcanoes, hot-pink plankton, and undercover shots from talk-like-a-pirate day.  Check it out!

You can see my photos from the cruise here:



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