Posted by: adorsk | July 31, 2007

More Knorr

I’m back on board the Knorr, getting ready for my next cruise. This time we’ll be sailing from WHOI to the New Jersey coast.

The Knorr in the morning mist at WHOI:

foggy knorr

The Core Curriculum

The focus of this cruise is drilling. Not for oil, but for dirt. We’ll be using a giant twenty-foot tall drill called the ‘vibracore’ to cut long cylinders out of the sea floor. This is known as ‘coring’. Scientists do a bunch of things with cores, like analyze them to find out what the environment was like thousands of years ago, or see what geological processes occurred. We’re hoping to get about 100 cores in 20 twenty days. I guess you can say that by the end we’ll ‘know the drill’.

This is what the vibracore looks like:


Getting Ready

We SSSG techs help to get the ship ready before we go. This means archiving data from the last cruise, setting up new email accounts, cleaning up the labs, and moving around the lab benches. It’s a nice mix of computer work and good old fashioned down-on-your-hands-and-knees scrubbing and handy work. I like it.

WHOI in Summer

I’ve enjoyed being in port at WHOI. It’s a fine place to be in the summer. In the mornings I walk five minutes to Stony Beach for a brisk wake-up swim. In the evenings there are lots of people going in and out on sailboats, or walking around the village. I eat supper out on deck and watch the Vineyard ferry boat head out in the Sunset. On Saturday night I went to see the film “Missing Victor Pellerin”, shown as part of the Woods Hole film festival. It’s good to be on the cape in summer.

The harbor at Woods Hole:

whoi twilight

To Sea

We sail out on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the water. Check back later to find out how it goes. Thanks for reading.

Only at WHOI…



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