Posted by: adorsk | July 20, 2007

Right now it’s a rainy Thursday evening and there are 0 m of water below me. Huh? How’s that? My Iceland cruise is over and I’m back home in Maine for a bit while the ship transits back across the Atlantic.

Finishing Up

The remainder of our cruise finished without a hitch. Our scientists left with the first high-resolution map of the Reykjanes ridge and tons of data. I think everyone was pleased with what we accomplished. Keep your eyes peeled in the next one to two years for upcoming publications in geology journals.

I really enjoyed sailing with this science party. They were organized and used the ship well, and they were fun to have on the boat.

Here is the ship leaving Reykjavik.

knorr leaving reykjavik

Iceland Excursions

The night before I flew back I stayed up to go on the “Golden Circle Evening Tour” ( If you ever go to Iceland, I highly recommend taking a tour. The country is beatiful. I saw mountains, volcanic craters, geysers, waterfalls, and even tectonic plates! Here are some pictures:

This is the countryside just outside of Reykjavik. In the background you can see the tongue of a glacier. Very cool, literally.


This is a geyser called ‘strokkur’. It erupts every five minutes or so, shooting up a 20-meter blast of foul-smelling hot water. It’s as if there is a subterranean whale who eats nothing but rotten eggs and has frequent indigestion. The whole ground around the geysir smokes.


This is ‘gullfoss’ (golden falls), easily my favorite part of the tour. Columns of mist snake through the air near the top of the falls, like water wraiths in constant flight. The falls thunder down over 30 meters.


This is Thingvellir national park, the site of the world’s first parliament, and the boundary of the North American and European tectonic plates. The edge of the plate is the long stone wall in this picture. By the way, I shot this at about 1:00 AM. This was as dark as it ever got.


A Brief Break

On the 25th I’ll head back to WHOI to meet up with the ship. My next cruise will be off the New Jersey coast. Until then I’m going to rest and read. Check back in a week or so to find out more. Thanks for reading.

Miscellaneous Pictures

birds bow tower


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