Posted by: adorsk | May 29, 2007

Out to Sea

Hi Everyone, I’m writing this post from the Sargasso sea. Right now the ship is steaming out at about 12 knots towards Iceland, and there are roughly 5700 m of water below me.

I had a nice time in port. Barbados seems like a fine place to visit based on what I saw in Bridgetown, though it’s a bit too hot for me. It’s safe, people were generally courteous, and there is cold ginger beer in the vending machines.

While we were in the harbor the British navy’s HMS Ocean was docked across from us. It’s a rather large ship. Being in port is interesting because there is always seems to be something going on…giant cranes loading up container ships, or tugboats pulling in a big tanker. Here are a few pictures from port below (it turns out I will be able to post pictures after all, thanks to the magic of a service called HiSeasNet).

Harbor Lights Sign at Port The Knorr

I also started to get a feel for Knorr. It seems like a great ship to me so far. She’s sturdy.

The crew seems like a good bunch. Almost everyone on has been on board for a while, and I’m the youngest person on the boat by far. They’ve given me a lot of help figuring my way around the labyrinthine passageways of the ship and finding tools. The food is excellent. Steak and chocolate chip ice cream are far cries from hardtack and swill.

I’ve also started to figure out what I’ll be doing as an SSSG tech. The current techs, R & A, are my mentors. They know a lot about the ship, so I’m very lucky to be under their tutelage. So far they have been showing me how some of the ship’s systems work (I’ll probably write about these later), and I’ve been reading through the SSSG email archives. It looks like my job as a tech is IT administrator/deckworker/lab technician/customer service. Our main goal is to make things work for the science party, in whatever way we can.

I’ve been a bit seasick the past two days. To me, it feels like being perpetually on the verge of throwing up. I took a dramamine pill, but that makes me feel wonky in other ways. But I should be back to 100% tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep. I’m amazed that humans can adjust to being at sea at all. Why should our heads be able to adjust to constant rolling? Go subconcious, go!

That’s all I’m going to write about for now. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know about, post a comment and I’ll try to write about it. I hope all is well back on land.


P.S. Here are some other pictures I’ve taken:

Sunset Knorr II Knorr at Sunset Knorr & Flag



  1. You’ll get your sea legs soon; pictures are awesome.

  2. Aye the pics are grand. Keep up the good work, Commander.

    You get to eat Steak? Do they have a replicator on board? How about fishing rods? (The former for the steak, the latter for leisure….)

  3. Do you have any free time? and if so, what are you doing? i.e., Any music? chess? Scrabble? Movies?

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