Posted by: adorsk | May 22, 2007

Coming soon…

I head out to sea on May 25th…



  1. This may be a stupid question, but which sea are you heading out to?

  2. Wait, did you actually see this one? I’m super excited about this blog–can’t wait to see all of your adventures ad altum.

  3. Bon Voyage!

  4. Have fun!

  5. I’m your mother’s cousin. Your mother sent me your Blog to read. Sounds exciting. Have a great, fun and interesting trip.

  6. Fair winds and following seas.

  7. 5-31-07/Your comments extracted: “A bit seasick the past two days. To me, it feels like being perpetually on the verge of throwing up. I took a dramamine pill, but that makes me feel wonky in other ways. Why should our heads be able to adjust to constant rolling? Go subconcious, go!”

    There is a history going back at least 500 years of British seamen chewing ginger to ward off seasickness – it seems to be effective, at least partially in scientific trials. Also, I have known several transoceanic sailors who after early seasickness, finally acclimate and experience recurrence of the same symptoms only when they first come ashore after weeks at sea – strange how the body’s regulatory systems work.

    Are you sailing in the Gulfstream presently? What sorts of sea creatures do you see along the way? Flying fish, whales, porpoises, sharks, jellyfish? Your mother and I sailed off the coast of Peru where we saw many bizarre color combinations and sizes of jellyfish and Portuguese-men-of-war (hope this is the correct term for the pleural).

    When you leave the Gulfstream, if you are in it now, you will likely see a change in the color of the sea and of creatures. As you get to the far North – watch for narwhals, Arctic cetaecans – I have always wanted to see one. Only the males have the tusk. I’d love to see a photo of one.

    Enjoy the adventure – many of us would love to be with you.

    Love – Dad

  8. That’s a Moray? Did you think of that, Alexander, did you inherit your father’s punsterism? Sounds like a great trip – have fun. Love from Patty & Richie Kahn

  9. Alexander, friends of ours just returned from Iceland and had this to say and to pass on to you:

    Pat and I just got back from Iceland. Tell him to eat on board the ship; Iceland is the most expensive place we have ever visited. A small personal pizza cost $32 (but it was good). We didn’t get a chance to visit the southern and eastern parts of the country which are supposed to be spectacular.

    Brian Dorsk

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